About Hanna

I work with the Rider-Waite deck. I read in English or in French. I am endorsed as a reader by TABI, the Tarot Association of the British Isles.

I am not a psychic and I don’t predict the future. I don’t have any magical powers either – at least, last time I checked.

I came to the Tarot in my late twenties. Have you heard of the Saturn Return? It’s that time in your life when everything comes crashing down – sometimes quite spectacularly – over a 2 year period, between age 28 and 31 (and again in your late 50s apparently). The Tarot helped me make sense of what was happening then and a couple of years later, I formally trained to become a reader.

To anyone who asks what the scientifc evidence behind the Tarot is: I can only say, it worked for me – and for countless others. To make sense of the world, humans have always needed stories. Taking time to reflect on your own story can empower you and this is exactly what the Tarot is there to do.

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