“A very BIG thank you for your reading! […] You have been so accurate in virtually all aspects of your reading that I almost begin to wonder whether you actually know me and decided to be incredibly encouraging to me as an individual.”

Hanna has done an excellent job in my Tarot reading, she helped me to see the aspects of my current life that were blind to myself before the reading. […] Her being neutral, no bias in her interpretation is professional.I am happy to take this reading guidance to rework my life to a higher place. Thank you so much Hanna.”

” Thank you Hanna for your time and the energy spent on this reading.The cards could speak louder but not clearer. The meaning and your interpretation is just what’s really going on. Thank you so much! You have helped me to finally open my eyes to what I feel but I don’t want to see.”

I must admit that your mail really resonated with me. It is so much different and much more interesting than any other mail I have received before from other tarot reader. Yes everything you wrote it is true.”

“Thank you. This has resonated with me a lot.” 

“Thank you so much for your reading! It’s so thorough, deep, meaningful and on-point.”

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